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not done with all of the deleted scenes yet but here are a few thoughts so far

  • sam’s crush on chet is palpable
  • (100% here for chet as coop’s mental projection/memory device) 
  • coop is distressingly innocent and happy here absolutely unacceptable
  • ITS RAINING POST TOASTIES ilu albie darling
  • albert takes one second to realize gordon wants him out of the room and he does it without comment
  • reading these scenes in the script and seeing them is totally different i was not prepared in anyway for anything

Ren, as always, on the ball with info about new Peaks things. Reblogging to spread the word! 

I’m so jealous of everyone who has The Entire Mystery already. 

Do any of you guys have it so far? If so, thoughts? I’d love to hear firsthand, everything from the new content and higher quality to the box/disc art and menus (I’m a sucker for packaging and design, what can I say)


David Lynch on set of Fire Walk With Me.

A cherry pie there that’ll kill ya! By Krissy Downing for the Twin Peaks exhibition: http://twin.pk/betweentwoworlds2014
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"Playing Laura was a very painful place to live for a long time. It’s hard, in acting school they teach you how to develop a character but they don’t teach you how to let a character go.”— Sheryl Lee, Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks